Mural for Paragon City Games



Paragon City Games approached me for a few projects before their store even opened. This group of passionate and visionary gamers wanted their store to give people a unique and wonderful experience. Part of that was creating a beautiful location that let people feel as if they were one of the heroes that made up this paragon of a city. They allowed me the pleasure of designing and painting this fantasy city for them. The mural, a repeating silhouette, wraps around the entire interior of the Paragon City Games shop and took over 150 hours to complete. I used a variety of architecture and art as inspiration to give the city a sense of enormity, age, as if it is a melting pot of people, cultures, and ideals. Because it was all hand painted I was able to change elements here and there so that no one repetition of the pattern is identical to another.

They’ve successful created a beautiful shop full of friendly and welcoming people that both enriches and gives back to its community. I hope that if you ever find yourself in the Draper area you’ll stop by their shop, meet the people there, and see for yourself this great store filled with games and art.

You can find Paragon City Games and see this mural in person at 196 12300 S #103, Draper, UT