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Carly Milligan

Carly Milligan lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband, their 2 dogs, a gecko, a bearded dragon, and a snake. She has always been a creative type and growing up she wanted to be everyone and everything. Including but not limited to a ballerina, engineer, biologist, teacher, and author. Now an illustrator, her second profession is taxes. People say they give up on their dreams to do something boring but stable like accounting. She’s found the two are not mutually inclusive. Her academic background is a bachelor’s in zoology with a minor in chemistry. A lifetime learner she continues to study whatever she can get her hands on and would go to school forever if it wasn’t so dang expensive. The major influences on her art are the plethora of fantasy novels she’s read, her decade of dancing, and her background in science and research. Because of her love of bringing stories to life she is looking for work in book illustration and game art.

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