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Hands around glowing orb Reference Pack

Hands around glowing orb Reference Pack

SKU: referencepack-glowingorbhands

100+ high-resolution pictures for your reference needs


In this pack you will find hand in a variety of poses around a glowing orb (ie. lightbulb!). Perfect for referencing wizards or other spell casters.


You are purchasing a license that lets you use these images without copyright restriction when re-interpreted into your won work whether that be personal or commercial use. The photos themselves may not be republished, sold, or distributed.


Please feel free to tag me on social media @carlymilligan I would love to see what you create and will be happy to like, share, and comment your posts.



Number of photos: 116

Resolution: 4000 x 4000 px

Model: Carly Milligan

Download size: 761.7 MB

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